• Help! I have a question or a problem.

    Please get in touch with support by sending an email to support [at] creative-photographer.com. We’re here to help and will get in touch as soon as we can.

  • How much do your courses cost in my own currency?

    All prices are in US dollars. If you pay with your PayPal balance PayPal converts the total to your own currency before you complete the transaction so you know how much it is. If you pay with a debit or credit card your own bank does currency conversion and may add a foreign currency charge. Unfortunately, because of that we can’t give you a precise figure before you buy. If in doubt, use a PayPal account rather than a non-US dollar card for the best exchange rate.

  • Is your website secure?

    Yes it is! We use a secure https server connection. We never see your card details and have no way of accessing them. You can’t get much more secure than that.

  • What if I'm not happy with the course?

    We're so confident you’ll love your course that we offer an unconditional 60 day guarantee. Just get in touch at support [at] creative-photographer.com and let us know you’d like a refund.

  • Can I download the your videos or play them on my tablet or phone?

    Yes you can! You have the choice of watching the videos on our website or you can download them to watch on your computer or mobile device. You'll find a link to download all the course lessons under the list of course contents. The website is mobile friendly and you can stream videos if you have an internet connection. Alternatively, you can download the videos and save them to your mobile device to watch offline.

  • I signed up for a course and don't know where to go to watch it.

    You have to log into creative-photographer-academy.com to access any courses that you've bought. You'll need to use the email address and password that you signed up with. If you can't remember what they are please email us at support [at] creative-photographer.com and we'll send them to you. When you're logged in go to 'Your Student Dashboard' to see which courses you've bought. You can see your progress for each course, review content and resume the course.

  • How do I update my debit or credit card information?

    Please follow the instructions below to update your stored credit or debit card details. 1. Log in using your email address and password. 2. Click on the circle at the top right of the page and select My Account. 3. Go to Billing, where you can view your card details and update them.

  • Do downloaded videos count towards my course progress?

    No they don't. You should click the Next button next to the video in the Downloads section to record your progress.

  • How do I rewatch lessons in a completed course?

    Go back to the course and click the lesson you'd like to watch again (completed lessons are checkmarked). Click the play button to view the lesson again.